Plymouth Party treasurer raises concerns about David Allworthy and proposes to “stringently interview” a 19 year old elected officer

5 May

———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: 2010/1/13
To: parl cand   ‘Stuart Bonar’>, Rebecca Trimnell
Cc:  ppc   ‘Judy Evans’>,
1) yes I can make it.
2) The item re; the interview process for Dominic needs clarifying; it
has to be that we discuss the process and designate a date for it to
happen. Recent events make this likel;y to be a more stringent process.
3) Possibly we should discuss the negative noises emanating from Dave
4) In the light of allegations made against me by an, as yet, unknown
individual I have reservations about using my house for any Lib Dem
activity. The allegations are unfounded. To my mind they emanate from
a petty, spiteful wretched creature whom I will make official
complaint against, especially as the nature of the allegations bears
the hallmarks of similar actions.I do not wish to work with such
people. We should perhaps  be looking at some code of conduct for all
members.This in part is a result of the resignation by Dave Jolly and
the reasons behind it.
5) In the light of the above, we will have to be ‘squeaky clean’
interms of how we conduct the meeting etc.
We really could do without the trivial, rather puerile behaviour that
has characterised so much of this last year.

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