Young Lib Dem City executive resigns

Young Lib Dems switch to Labour

News photos and You Tube on Labour List:

City of Plymouth Lib Dem executive committee members Jan Mortier, Tom Sale, Max Harding and Dominic House have switched sides and joined Labour only days to go before the General Election on May 6th.

They were the elected vice-chair, membership, data and youth officers. They are switching sides ahead of the General Election as they want to join a ‘campaigning party’ that is working for social justice.

Jan, Tom, Max and Dominic’s short experience of the Lib Dems has not put them off getting involved in politics but they are disillusioned with Nick Clegg’s party in Plymouth.

Dominic said:
‘They don’t campaign; the party seems to have been run by a very small group of people who aren’t interested in improving peoples lives. We want to join a Party that listens to and stands up for people.’

Max Said:
‘The corruption in the Liberal Democrats is deep seated within the region and extends to central office. Allegations about missing money have been made by a former Chairman of the party, the response was to threaten us and to suspend the party as soon as we called for the independent auditing of the local party accounts and to try to get the PPCs Karen Gillard and Judy Evans to adhere to Data Protection legislation’

Tom who wrote to Nick Clegg said:
‘I wrote to Nick Clegg and a few months about the problems in the regional party cover up. Eventually I got a letter from office saying Nick doesn’t want to get involved. Take it up with the regional party. We tried every avenue to get the party to investigate and were bullied, threatened, Max was suspended by the party for going to the police.’

Jan said: ‘Politics should be about helping people and building a better world. From my experience of the Lib Dems they do not believe this. I now hope that these serious allegations by a respected former policeman get the attention they deserve.’

The defecting members  and their blogs (which detail their resignation letters and further information are:

Mr Thomas Sale (age 21), Membership Officer, City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats      Blog:

Mr Max Harding, (age 20) Data Officer, City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats                Blog:

Mr Dominic House, (Age 19) Youth Officer, City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats      Blog:

They are joined by Mr Jan Mortier, who was the Vice Chairman, City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats   Blog:

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